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How To Add Paradrops

ok, i thought this was pretty cool. dunno if you guys have ever played DCX botb snipefest, but they have this rotating paradrop that circles slowly around the map. well, i was able to get this to work with existing soldier spawns.

first, i placed the radar tower object in the staticobjects.rfa (i was testing this on stalingrad, so i used my configs on that map for this example).

Object.create radarbun_M1
Object.absolutePosition 535.6/50/326.813
Object.rotation 0/0/1.52588e-005

i then rem'ed out all of the RussianSpawnPoint_harbour_x and all of the AxisSpawnPoint_storagebuild_x in SoldierSpawns.con.

now all you gotta do is addtemplate a soldier spawn from each side to the part of the radar tower that rotates. i put these in the ObjectSpawnTemplates.con at the bottom

ObjectTemplate.Active radarbun_tower_M1
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate RussianSpawnPoint_harbour_1
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 20/0/0
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AxisSpawnPoint_storagebuild_1
ObjectTemplate.setPosition -20/0/0

the 20/0/0 will set the spawn point a distance of 20 from the center. The opposition side gets one too (although you dont hafto) opposite of the cofor (-20/0/0)

then, i added these settings under the alliesSpawnPoint_storagebuild_7 in SoldierSpawnsTemplate.con file:

ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint RussianSpawnPoint_harbour_1
ObjectTemplate.setSpawnAsParaTroper 1


ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint AxisSpawnPoint_storagebuild_1
ObjectTemplate.setSpawnAsParaTroper 1

lastly, to get your normal spawns back at the uncappable bases, use the tut on adding spawn points "Adding Spawn Points" and use the coordinates that were used in SolderSpawns.con.


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