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The Conquest Ticket System

Alot of aspects can be changed regarding the ticket system in Conquest mode. Let go over what can be changed via server side modding

First, open up the conquest.con file in the map you want to play with. I'll use DC_Urban_Siege as an example. You'll see a block of code that looks like this:

Game.setNumberOfTickets 1 100
Game.setNumberOfTickets 2 100
Game.setTicketLostPerMin 1 8
Game.setTicketLostPerMin 2 8

The setNumberOfTickets sets the starting number of tickets for team 1 and team 2. These can be changed on the server if desired

The setTicketLostPerMin sets how many tickets per minute team 1 and team 2 will loose if they are loosing. Here, it is set for 8 tickets per minute. What does it mean to be loosing in Conquest though, and is that configurable?


Open up ControlPointTemplates.con in the Conquest folder (ignore all the junk in there.. no wonder the mod is bloated). Each control point has a value set for it called:


When you own a control point or control points, you add all the area values. If the total is equal to 100 or more, then your opponent will start loosing tickets at the rate that was set above.

Notice the iraqi home base is set to 0. If it was set to a number, then they would begin the game with that value, and would always have that amount throughout the game.

Usually, these area values are divied up in such a way so that both teams cannot have 100 or more at the same time. If this were the case, both teams would start loosing tickets.

An example:
If the Iraqis controlled the Tower, the Highrise, DownTown, and the TradeCenter, then the Coolition would start loosing tickets (25 + 25 + 25 + 25 = 100). The leftover control points, the Market and the Docks only amount to 50 points (25 + 25). If the coolition took back one of the Iraqi control points, then the tickets would stop decreasing (noone would have 100 or more). If they took back 2 control points, then the Iraqis would start loosing tickets.


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