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Disabling Weapon Overheating

To disable the overheat property of a firewarm, first, find the FireArm object of that weapon. Firearm objects are normally located in the Weapons.con file for a given weapon in the Objects.rfa.

For example, the Firearms on the AH-6 can be found in the objects.rfa, under OBJECTS\vehicles\air\H-6\Weapons.con. In this file, you'll find 4 Firearm objects:

  • AH6MinigunFirearms
  • AH6RocketFirearms
  • MD500RocketFirearms
  • MH500GunPodFirearms

Notice there are 3 lines that are tied to firearm overheating. They are:

rem *** Tan added heat ***
objectTemplate.heatAddWhenFire 0.025
objectTemplate.coolDownPerSec 0.25
objectTemplate.timeDelayOnOverHeat 2

Setting the heatAddWhenFire to 0 or to some really small number will prevent the weapon from overheating. To accomplish this, put the following code at the bottom of your ObjectSpawnTemplates.con in your map rfa (using the AH6MinigunFirearms as an example):

ObjectTemplate.Active AH6MinigunFirearms
ObjectTemplate.heatAddWhenFire 0.001 

The server will now not allow overheating to disable the weapon, HOWEVER, the client will still think it needs to disable the visual and sound effect of an overheating gun (thus, the heat meter will still rise, and the sound will stop when the client thinks the weapon has overheated), however, the server will still allow projectiles to be shot, and will handle damage accordingly.


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