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How to fix wall glitches

Tired of the hacks using wall glitches? Well there is an "evil" fix for this by using a server side only mod.

This fix doesn't fix the mesh problem, but what it does do is make the fool think twice about exploiting that wall glitch again!!!

This example will fix one of the wall hacks in basrah's edge.

Create a dc_basrahs_edge_001.rfa as described earlier.

We're going to want to edit the file in that rfa called:


Open up that file, and at the very end of it, add these lines:

rem *** pain for the exploiter ***
Object.create stebarbwire2_m1
Object.absolutePosition 570/0/497
Object.rotation 0/0/90

Object.create stebarbwire2_m1
Object.absolutePosition 567/0/497
Object.rotation 0/0/90

Object.create stebarbwire2_m1
Object.absolutePosition 570.2/.5/494.8
Object.rotation 0/0/90

Object.create stebarbwire2_m1
Object.absolutePosition 568/.5/494.8
Object.rotation 0/0/90

Object.create stebarbwire2_m1
Object.absolutePosition 565.8/.5/494.8
Object.rotation 0/0/90

What this does is it takes the stebarbwire2_m1 (that's that barbed wire that has the triangular shape), stands it up on end, burries half of it, and the exposed half is sticking out right where the wall hacker would like to be standing. They'll start to take damage like it's standard barbed wire, but wont see anything, and if their smart, they'll quickly vacate the area.

To find coordinates of wall hacks, run a server with "Free Camera" enabled (this allows you to freely navigate the map after dying). Sometimes suiciding will place you at the far corner of the map. It's sometimes easier to just drop a grenade at your feet, then after you die, you can free roam.

To get coordinates, open the console window by pressing the tilde key ~. Then type the following command in the console window:

console.showstats 1

Then close the console window and alot of stats will be displayed. Your current coordinates are located around the lower center of the screen.

It's a little trial and error trying to get the barbed wire placed correctly. Be sure to copy the _001.rfa to your local bf levels directy also so you can actually see the barbed wire (when done server side only, the barbed wire is invisible).


No materials may be duplicated under any circumstances.