Sound Script Editor (.SSC)

File Menu CommandsNew: Creates a new sound script that is empty or based on a template.
Open: Loads a sound script (.ssc) file into the editor
Save: Saves the sound script (.ssc) file to the disk
Save As: Saves the sound script (.ssc) file to the disk with a new name
Exit: Quits the program Tools Menu Commands

Settings: Type in the path where the .wav sound files are extracted to.
If the extracted sound files are on the disk as:
You would then type in the below line of text in the @Root settings dialog:

Patches Group

Add Patch: Adds a new sound patch to the tree view below
Delete Patch: Deletes the selected sound patch from the tree view below

Wave File Properties

Each patch contains a series of .wav files displayed as children in the tree view

Path: This path prefixes the wav file name (@ROOT/Sound/@RTD/ is normal)
File: The .wav filename

... : Browse for new .wav filename
Play: Plays the currently selected .wav file if possible (Settings under Tools menu must be configured first).
Add: Adds another Wave file to the current patch
Delete: Removes the currently selected Wave File child from the current patch
Stereo: Flags the .wav file to be played in stereo
Loop: Sets looping playback of the .wav file
DopplerOff: Turns off the doppler-effect (frequency of the sound changes depending on speed and direction of travel relative to the camera)
Random Play: Places this .wav file to the list of several .wav files chosen at random to play
Silent: Sets this .wav file to make no sounds (a placeholder)
Volume: changes the volume that the .wav file is played back at
Priorty: Sets the priority this .wav file as over other .wav files being played
MinDist: Sets the minimum distance to the object before the sound playback is triggered
Stop: Changes when the .wav file is stopped (Finished out sample, or cut short)
Trigger: Sets the method of triggering the .wav file
Random Start Pitch: This starts the sound file Left and Right channels at random pitches with the values set
Relative Pos: Allows changing the origin of the .wav sound playback in 3d space

Effect Group

Name: The name of the effect
Add: Adds an additional effect to the current .wav file
Delete: Removes the selected effect from the current .wav file
Source: Changes the source of this effect
Dest: Changes the destination for this effect
Envelope: Changes the envelope type
1,2,3,4: These boxes allow entry of specific effect type settings.

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