ScanForEnemySonars Property

   ObjectTemplate.ScanForEnemySonars boolean

Argument values:

argument 1:    c_True; most commonly c_True

Description: This property specifies whether this object detects other enemy sonar objects. It is set to c_True (same as "1") for submarine sonars.

Related properties: DetectionRadius, EnableRadarMode, SonarPos

Used in object types (and how often in each type): SonarObject (25%)

Used in one .con file: objects/Vehicles/Sea/Common/Objects.con

Example: (from objects/Vehicles/Sea/Common/Objects.con)
   ObjectTemplate.Create SonarObject SubmarineSonar
   ObjectTemplate.SaveInSeparateFile 1
   ObjectTemplate.DetectionRadius 400.0
   ObjectTemplate.ScanForEnemySonars c_True
   ObjectTemplate.LoadSoundScript Sounds/sonarsub.ssc

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