DetectionRadius Property

   ObjectTemplate.DetectionRadius number

Argument values:

argument 1:    range is 400.0 to 410.0; most commonly 400.0

Description: This SonarObject property specifies the range of sonar (radar) detection for subs, destroyers, radar, and wasserfall facilities. Enemies show up as blips on the minimap.

Used in object types (always present 100% of the time): SonarObject

Used in a total of 3 .con files: Objects.con

Parent directories of these .con files: objects/Vehicles, Bf1942/Levels

Example: (from objects/Vehicles/Land/Wasserfall/Objects.con)
   rem *** wasserfallSonar ***
   ObjectTemplate.Create SonarObject wasserfallSonar
   ObjectTemplate.SaveInSeparateFile 1
   ObjectTemplate.DetectionRadius 410.0
   ObjectTemplate.EnableRadarMode 1
   ObjectTemplate.LoadSoundScript Sounds/sonardest.ssc

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