EnableRadarMode Property

   ObjectTemplate.EnableRadarMode boolean

Argument values:

argument 1:    1; most commonly 1

Description: Used in Battle of Britain map in radar towers and in the wasserfall. When used in SonarObject it indicates that the sonar (radar) is capable of detecting vehicles (and emplacements) above sea level.

Related properties: DetectionRadius

Used in object types (and how often in each type): SonarObject (50%)

Used in a total of 2 .con files: Objects.con

Parent directories of these .con files: objects/Vehicles, Bf1942/Levels

Example: (from Bf1942/Levels/Battle_of_Britain/Objects/RadarTower/Objects.con)
   rem *** RadarTowerSonar ***
   ObjectTemplate.Create SonarObject RadarTowerSonar
   ObjectTemplate.DetectionRadius 400.0
   ObjectTemplate.EnableRadarMode 1
   ObjectTemplate.LoadSoundScript Sounds/sonardest.ssc

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