Battlefield Heroes mod for BF1942...

The Battlefield Heroes conversion for BF1942 can be found here!
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Re: Battlefield Heroes mod for BF1942...

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been a while. but maybe its useful for someone.

after downloading Battlefield Heroes'42 i also entcountered a black screen on startup. im on win10 aswell. i got it fixed by deleting Battlefield Heroes'42\Mods\bf1942\Settings\Video.con. as it seems it wants to load Profiles/ApacheThunder/Video.con. but since that profile is not existing, it is blackscreening? dont know. but deleting it fixed it for me on win10 2004.

download also fixes the problem. bfheroes42_profilefix.7z is a preset max graphic 1920 1080 profile. extract it in Battlefield Heroes'42 folder and overwrite when asked.

btw. ty Apache Thunder for making it.
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