bot special 220 players

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Re: bot special

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128 is the highest value you can choose in the servermanager, but the file i posted here (BF1942_w32ded.exe) is locked to 220 players so it doesnt matter what value you set it to, its always a 220 server.
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Re: bot special

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Thanks for the more in-depth information, I definitely want to see my computer run 219 bots (plus me) on a small map like Berlin or King of the Island.
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Re: bot special 220 players

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The Community has run a Server included 256 Slots. Its psossible. But we don't know it works without trouble?
The most players, what i have ever ssen were 96 Players on the Japanese FHSW PrinceUmboshi Server. And a couple of month ago i was for 2-3 minutes on the Server with 72 Players on Omaha Beach Charlie Sector. That rocks i tell you.:-D
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