Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

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Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

Post by FraNKVD »

Hi modders,

I have Windows 10 x64 and I have no way to use Battlecraft 42 on my PC as it requires OpenGL and after many tries I can't fix the two errors: i require wgl_ext_swap_control to work, and: failed to initialize some OpenGl extensions. Could you lend me a hand in that issue if you don't mind of course.
Also I tried to use Ed42, but the cursor doesn't show up on screen, but yes on the settings bar, and the objects doesn't show up-
Thank you very much in advance.

Any kind of help would be very helpful.

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Re: Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

Post by Crash42modder »

I use it on win 10 64 and it works fine.
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Re: Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

Post by duffman »

OpenGL is a standard that has changed over time with different version numbers and different implementations.
Good graphics cards implement all the different individual versions and fully support them.

Unfortunately "Intel Graphics" only implement the latest version so it looks good from a sale perspective, but its pretty much
absolute rubbish graphics. You are gone have to find a new graphics card most likely.. Been there, done that.. more than once..

Download a free app on the net called "OpenGL Extensions Viewer" .. it will show you all the versions of OpenGL individually
and what your graphics card/drivers can handle (see OpenGL Report in the app).

There's a gotcha in here, the latest and greatest driver isnt always the best, sometimes older drivers support early versions of OpenGL
versions, and is removed in latest driver... why some of the good old classic games dont work anymore..
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