networkableInfo's - Which vehicles & objects Need them???

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networkableInfo's - Which vehicles & objects Need them???

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Hello Again Folks,
So, I am still having trouble with getting a lot of my mod's maps, to work correctly without bugs/errors, over a dedicated server. I have narrowed the problem, down to the various objects and vehicles in my mod, having too many networkableInfo scripts (or as the debugger puts it, "Too many statemasks"), as well as the error, "Out of ghost IDs", which I have determined, means there are too many player controlled objects, that share the same Soldier spawn points. This second error, is easily fixable. However, the thing I'm having the most trouble with, is figuring out which vehicles/objects, to remove networkableInfo scripts from.
I recently did a process of elimination project, where I removed various networkableInfo scripts, from groups of vehicles' objects con, effects con, and weapons.con files. It helped to remove them from various effects files. I had to return them to the various objects files. When I removed them from the weapons files, some of the network / dedicated server errors went away, but it created new errors, such as getting stuck in a vehicle or stationary weapon, without a networkableInfo in the weapons.con file(s), unable to exit it, and then seemingly dying (suddenly dropping to 0 HPs) while still within the vehicle or stat mg position, unable to switch teams, unable to kill the soldier, and choose a different spawn point, Etc, or causing the client to disconnect from the server / causing the server to crash.
After placing the networkableInfo scripts back into all of the weapons files, I realized, that none of the naval vessels weapons files, have networableInfo scripts attached to their prospective Firearms templates, nor are they with in the original Battlefield 1942, Naval vessels' files.
When this issue is happening, and I enter a tank for example, instead of entering the tanks cockpit, it seems like the tank disappears or becomes invisible, and meanwhile you can still see the soldier, but the soldiers animations are screwy, you cannot see the Soldier's Helmet or its weapons, and it seems like a soldier is running, as you are moving the vehicle, and you can see the ground wheel dust effects of the moving tank, but not the tank itself.
So firstly, I'm wondering why it is that the naval vessels seem to work just fine, over a network or dedicated server, without having networkableInfo scripts in them, while when you remove them from aircraft, land, and stationary objects, it causes major network issues?
Secondly, I'm wondering if there's a way to trick the game engine, into thinking that aircraft and land vehicles, our Naval vessels, just in the sense of not requiring networkableInfo scripts within their weapons con files?
Thirdly, even though I have found many different discussions, about which templates, objects, bundles, rotational bundles, etc, require networkableInfo scripts, there is no definitive answer, as to which ones absolutely need the scripts, and which ones do not. Can anyone narrow this down for me?

Thank You,

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