First-person spectator camera

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First-person spectator camera

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In my quest in trying to make a working first-person spectator camera for BF1942 I decided to make a thread about it where people can brain storm their ideas.

Here I will be sharing some ideas and concepts I thought about to try to make the first-person spectator camera a reality.

A first-person spectator camera would have many benefits for detecting potential accuracy cheats or an aimbot hack. Currently BF1942 does not support a first-person spectator camera and the closest thing you get is the third-person ''chase'' spectator camera, which is enabled on certain servers. Here is a simple diagram of what that third-person spectator camera currently looks like in game, from a side perspective:

The box represents the third-person spectator camera.

My idea to transform that default third-person spectator camera to a first-person spectator camera would be to simply move, or ''offset'' the first person camera so that it is placed approximately one meter in front of the soldier. From what I understand the position of the third-person spectator camera, or chase camera, depends on the position of the first-person camera. Therefore, if the first-person soldier camera moves one meter in front of the soldier, the position of the third-person spectator camera should move or be offset by the same length, creating a fake first-person spectator camera. This is what the new third-person spectator camera position would look like:


There are two problems with moving the position of the first-person camera. The first would be that soldiers would no longer see their gun, because the first-person camera would be placed 1 m in front of the soldier. This can easily be solved by creating a script that activates the first-person spectator camera only when the player is dead and activating the normal soldier first-person camera when the player is alive. The other problem is that the first-person spectator camera would not show any HUD elements, as does the current third-person spectator camera.

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