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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by fo0k »

Does it handle envmap files properly? :)
anyone know why winrfa struggles with them?

I still have not tried this but will be back with my pc in a week or two.. It sounds awesome!
Does it have a 'pack and test' button? Would be handy..
Awesome work ! Very cool to see people making tools for this baby still.
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Post by freddy »

a note on the envmap thing, i have tried some combinations to try and find out whats going on with that. i found out that i can unpack the whole Market Garden map and all its patches with winrfa, do some changes to a spawner and repack it all again as just plain Market Garden. then remove all my original M-K map files and run the one i just packed in single player and it works ok, no problems at all with that.

the big problems i have had is the Coral Sea map, but take a look at this:

Code: Select all

PositiveX = bf1942\levels\Corall_sea\Textures\
NegativeX = bf1942\levels\Corall_sea\Textures\
PositiveY = bf1942\levels\Corall_sea\Textures\
NegativeY = bf1942\levels\Corall_sea\Textures\
PositiveZ = bf1942\levels\Corall_sea\Textures\
NegativeZ = bf1942\levels\Corall_sea\Textures\
look how they spelled the map name :roll:

if i correct the name it works when i pack it with winrfa.
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by motoko »

yanapa wrote:What do you mean by Battlefield Vietnam support ? I thought that RFA archives were the same, I just tried one downloaded on the net (AIEV MOD V1.0) and it open without any problem but maybe I miss something?
oh? It works now... But when I first tried it would give me an error message like "Invalid File Type" or something of that.
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by yanapa »

Tossicità wrote:oh? It works now... But when I first tried it would give me an error message like "Invalid File Type" or something of that.
Ah ok, maybe it was because the same file was already opened by another app like winrfa or even bga
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by Kuyong_Chuin »

yanapa wrote:Hi every one,

I made a new tool to replace WinRFA (that really upset me by not opening archive file when associated whith it) name BGA (that stands for Battlefield 1942 Game Archive Tool).

Source and binaries are available on its website:

Please, do not hesitate to request features that could help you to speed up your development, you can directly write a feature request at the following address:
  • Param read support (allow opening directly a RFA archive from the shell)
    Recent opened/saved file list
    Real compression support
    Import any files into RFA archive
    Import and compress any files into RFA archive
    Export any files from RFA archive
    Export and decompress any files from RFA archive
    Direct edit of any files without having to extract them manually
    Batch import/export
    Drag&drop support
    Quick save operation even with compressed data
    Defrag operation (due to quick save)
    Search bar to easily find a file/folder
    Built-in Standardmesh (.sm) model preview
    Built-in Heightmap (.raw) + Terrain (.con) preview
For those that have not been keeping up with this he is up to BGA_rev_78 with more features and bugs worked out. Word of caution if you have an earlier version that you have associated your RFA files with rename the new BGA.exe file to BGA_rev_78.exe or something like that before you re-associate the file with the new version. It will save you some headaches due to a windows bug. Thanks again Yanapa for this great tool
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by Apache Thunder »

Its up to BGA_rev_82 now. :D
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by Swaffy »

This is the RFA Editor that I have been using since I first began modding BF 1942. It works well.
Col Cruachan's RFA Explorer 1.2


Direct download link [Just click and install]:
(Forum Thread|Download) Swaffy'sMod v0.34 | Download link to come Soon™
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by Herrmann »

I have to find a new tool Battlecraft tool for the "Forgotten Hope" BF 1942 Mod: ... pport.html

Test it and check it out.
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by Poow »

You are talking about battlecraft cfg and lst files for FH. Nothing special though.
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Re: Battlefield 1942 Mod Tools

Post by Poow »

Some more tools (misc):
10.02.2011 18:12 2.548.120
10.02.2011 18:12 1.275.043 Battlefield Singleplayer Creator
10.02.2011 18:12 623.248 BF1942 3dSMax8 Tools.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 30.380 BF42Calculator.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 2.310.804 BF42SrvMapConvert.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 700.033 BotsFactory23MP.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 1.414.830 DDS-TGA-DDS.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 81.859 ed42aconfig.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 14.711 EDITOR42
10.02.2011 18:12 776.053
10.02.2011 18:12 389.680 FastMod.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 117.502 genpathmaps_20041114.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 806.856 gmakerfa.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 17.108 imlist.dat generation tool.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 1.291.045 LevelCreator.rar
10.02.2011 18:14 0 list.txt
10.02.2011 18:12 10.000 lstgen.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 78.330
10.02.2011 18:12 469.726 Model_Importer_v2.0.0.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 465.847 ObjInsger01.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 111.289 PrecacheGenerator.rar
10.02.2011 18:12 12.633
10.02.2011 18:12 107.083
10.02.2011 18:12 318
10.02.2011 18:12 1.122.028
10.02.2011 18:12 19.693 winRFA.rar
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