Different minimap based on player or vehicle position

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Different minimap based on player or vehicle position

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In BFV in one of the maps when you go down in the tunnels your minimap changes to a subterranean minimap. This is accomplished by the game checking the player's position: if the position is below a certain Y coordinate (vertical position) at a certain location (X and Z coordinates of inside the tunnel for example), the underground minimap is displayed. This is also based on the player's input I believe as if a player was to just teleport from the surface to inside the tunnel, the above ground minimap would still show.

In BF1942, it is easy to create scripts which are activated by player input. The player class of commands can potentially also be used to return a player's position.

Once the player position is returned and it is underground, one can then create a script to display a different minimap.
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