Make Battlecraft work on Windows7 ..etc

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Make Battlecraft work on Windows7 ..etc

Post by duffman »

One of the big issues with moving Battlecraft onto Windows 7 etc. Is that it doesnt work!? ..

Anyway I didnt do the proper install, just a copy an paste.. and then issues!!
Majority of them is actually pretty easy to fix, and has to do with the Developers behind it took
a couple of shortcuts by hard-coding paths in the executable. So we are gone fix that:

The problem is that in Battlecraft it has paths hard-set at paths, and in Windows 7
microsoft decided to split 64bit and the old i386ish into different folders. So by default if you install
32bit it gets dumped into "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES" but all the references in Battlecraft is
set to the "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES".

So we are gone "hard-link" the 2 folders so that Battlefield, and Battlecraft cant tell the difference,
they are one and same folder (real folder is x86): This will create "Program Files/EA GAMES" folder
which is actually stored at "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES" ..but the apps, battlecraft and any
other old school app cant tell the difference, and saves to the same location!!

(run this at the command line.. once! CMD and enter:)

Code: Select all

mklink /J "c:\Program Files\EA GAMES" "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES"
Below is a batch script I use, but same thing as above:


Code: Select all

@echo off
echo [*]
echo [*] Create a symlink aka junction in the old program files folder
echo [*] that maps to the new (x86) folder.
echo [*]
echo [*] A lot of paths are hard-coded in Battlecraft etc that does not
echo [*] look up the location the proper way. This will fix that.
echo [*]
echo [*] This will fail if a folder already exists, so its pretty safe.
echo [*] and its not an error.
echo [*]

mklink /J "c:\Program Fil
es\EA GAMES" "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES"

Re: Make Battlecraft work on Windows7 ..etc

Post by Crash »

I have found it works 100% perfectly in windows 10.
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Re: Make Battlecraft work on Windows7 ..etc

Post by Ruuga »

Crash wrote:I have found it works 100% perfectly in windows 10.
This problem the OP is addressing doesn't happen if you install Battlecraft into a custom location.
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Re: Make Battlecraft work on Windows7 ..etc

Post by FraNKVD »

Hi modders,

I have Windows 10 x64 and I have no way to use Battlecraft 42 on my PC as it requires OpenGL and after many tries I can't fix the two errors: i require wgl_ext_swap_control to work, and: failed to initialize some OpenGl extensions. Could you lend me a hand in that issue if you don't mind of course.
Also I tried to use Ed42, but the cursor doesn't show up on screen, but yes on the settings bar, and the objects doesn't show up-
Thank you very much in advance.

Any kind of help would be very helpful.

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