dll checkSums differs?

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dll checkSums differs?

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I've been enjoying some of these fantastic mods, but I have a problem with the game itself.

When I run it in windowed mode (which is preferred because I like to have it in a non-stretched window and also be able to monitor incoming messages from outside the game), I can start the game up, play an Instant Battle, and everything's fine.

However, if I press Esc and decide to end the current game and start a new Instant Battle, or simply return to the menu after the Instant Battle is done, it disappears for a moment and returns with a black window and a pop-up message reading '.dll checkSums differs' and the options Abort, Retry, and Ignore. Naturally, pressing any of these does nothing different; it just shuts the program down.

This does not happen with the program at fullscreen. However, I don't particularly enjoy playing it at fullscreen for a variety of reasons, the most significant of which is that it resizes all of my other windows so that when I'm doing playing the game, I have to resize everything else.

Any ideas or help? I'm currently running Windows 7, 64-bit. Should I just try a windower instead of editing the VideoDefault.con? d3dwindower, of course, doesn't seem to work...

I also would like to add, it tends to crash at about 75% of loading on the loading screen when I'm doing some Instant Battles, even if I have it in fullscreen. I just want to play the game reliably without crashes. :( It tends to crash mostly in the expansions.

I cannot play the Campaign because when the map to choose my spawn point comes up...crash! This happens in every version, base and expansions.
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Re: dll checkSums differs?

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hi hushicho,

Welcome to the site!

I have the same issue. I think its to do with the nocd crack and the mod.dll

I think...

maybe be better to try using a mini image instead..?
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Re: dll checkSums differs?

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I use Daemon tools to emulate a cd drive that uses an ISO image of my game's CD. No need for the No-cd crack and the issues can arise from using it. :D
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