My in Laptop WLAN antenna down?

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My in Laptop WLAN antenna down?

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No longer get the antenna to start using the keyboard shortcut FN + F10 Wi-Fi?
Since I no longer get into the internet lights also do not expect the green light?
Suspect therefore that it break could have, on the evening when I play BF 2 v2 for a long time.
Was thrown out of the game and have then the computer shut down.
After the shutdown, as the PC has not wanted to go out and I waited for about 15 minutes and there were no updates to install, can have been so not the reason.
The next day I never saw on the Internet.


Use now an inserted USB stick.
Before that I had to get cable with a Wi-Fi but that was not good, because too short and intended only as a stopgap.
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Re: My in Laptop WLAN antenna down?

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hey Buschhans.
Laptops haben auch gerne mal einen kleinen schalter, hardware switch, vorne versteckt, der die Funkübertragungen abrupt an/aus schalten kann. guck mal in deinem manual. Zusätzlich ist es bei solchen problemen ein schlauer weg, einfach mal den Wlan treiber neu zu installieren.
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