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Re: Battle of Anisiti

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buschhans wrote:
Swaffy wrote:I understand this thread is old. But does anyone know if this map has bot support?
Exciting question, i will try to find it out.;)

Now i have test this Battle of Anisti Map and the result is:
No it haves only CTF, CONQUEST, TDM Support. There is no COOP or SP Support.
This Map is from November 2007. From the began of mapping we could say for fun.
What i see 2015 on FH, FHSW, Battlegroup42, Galactic Conquest, Super DC for example is convincingly.
Problem is there are not much people outside, which trust custom maps. They are too lazy to download it actually.
The Pixel - Fighter community have a solution, but there the people dont got it all too. You can Download missing Custom maps for the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod, Texture Pack, Sound Pack, New Interface, as all what you want. But not all the people got these cool feature. It helps to see and be one of the part of these sexy custom maps building. Moving clouds, fogs,animations, explow effects and smoke effects for example.
All in all it evaluates the game immensely on.
Yesterday we have play a mappack Day. There we have play 9 custom maps, it was lot of fun.

Brecourt Manor
Caen Streets
Monte Cassino
Somwhere in the Mud

And there are made some movies about this event.;)
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