Zombie mod 1.55

err.. Zombies!
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Re: Zombie mod 1.55

Post by Swaffy »

I was working on this mod a while back, and got some pretty sweet stuff going too, but that computer was stolen. Unfortunately, I didn't back up my work on my external hard drive; fortunately, I still have the original mod (before I began work on it).

Now that I released my mod's new version, I want to go back and do work on this zombie mod. It can turn out to be a really fun mod. And I can even do some fun things with the iron sight animations (thanks to "BF19422" mod) and I can put some Battlefield 2 guns in it. I'm pretty good at making sounds for the game so I can make cool sounds for it too.
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Re: Zombie mod 1.55

Post by Vilespring »

There appears to be an M60 machine gun hand weapon in the game, and all the weapons with real names for them. But, they didn't figure out how to fight the animations.RFA, and I have no idea how to make weapons use animations from another, like the No4, Scoped No4, K98, and Scoped K98.
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