WWII Ultimate

Models, Objects, Textures, Sounds and probably some other weird stuff.
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WWII Ultimate

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In short, it is WWII in one map.
This is my first complete map for BF1942 that I made almost a year ago with help and support from you guys in this forum. It is only a sort of test map, and not for release. But I guess It can be of some use for beginner modders to check it out, So therefore I share it here.


Since I borrowed content from Forgotten Hope to learn how it all worked, I must thank the Forgotten Hope guys for making a wonderfull mod.

I also borrowed som stuff from the X-packs.

The map are about two sides with their own islands trying to invading each other. And yes you can take with you armoured forces to the enemys shore.

Almost all vehichles are tweaked in some way, so there are a lot of changes from vanilla BF.

I'm also presenting one of my own ideas, linking several defguns so thei can be controlled by only one player. There are much more to this map, that I just cant write here now.

The map almost demands that you have 60 players attending the game. There are a few things that doesent work perfectly as some damage stuff with some of the airplanes, and som sound scripting. for example, in cockpit view in the JU-88 you only hear one of the engines.

The map is very big and tests the limits of the game. At some point after adding content, Things really bugged out. so I had to remove some PAK40 and disable the animated flags om the ships. I guess the game engine reached som sort of memory limit.
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Re: WWII Ultimate

Post by Swaffy »

Snapshots please?
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Re: WWII Ultimate

Post by freddy »

Thanks, downloading it now.
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