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One map request

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:50 am
by andoodle
Excuse me, everyone.

I have one request for those who are experts in modifying maps for Battlefield 1942. I am trying to add Single-player capability to the Operation Aberdeen map, just like I did for the Liberation of Caen map (I added, to the vanilla map, the single player files that were added, by a user named Matthias Schoeldgen, to the Battlefield 1942 section of Filefront, and that map worked like a charm; I did that for my personal use). Unfortunately, when I start the Operation Aberdeen map after adding the single player files to it (from the Battlegroup42 mod), it crashes to desktop. So, I need someone who is experienced enough to add the single player capability to the vanilla version of Operation Aberdeen. Also, if someone completed it already, then please, do not upload it as a torrent file. I prefer the .zip files. Thanks.