CON and INC Files IDE

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CON and INC Files IDE

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Hello everyone,

I have been searching on the forums for a proper syntax highlighting tool that would be geared specifically for CON/INC file creating and editing. Unfortunately, all the links for these tools are now broken.

To edit CON and INC files I usually use Notepad++. While it is a decent text editor to use and has a nice autocomplete feature, it would be great to have an IDE which is able to recognize BF1942 syntax. In addition to that, the IDE should have:

- Proper syntax coloring for the different classes of console commands and recognition of BF1942 conditional statements (if, else, elseif, while)
- For each console command, a way to recognize if the proper data type (int, uint, U32, U8, float, bool, string, Enums) and number of arguments have been assigned to them
- A debugging utility with error handling capabilities identical to the BF1942 client/server consoles
- A shell script to test custom built CON and INC scripts in the IDE
- A built-in function to disable console commands recognized as cheats
- A function to recognize which BF1942 console commands work online, which ones work in SP, and which ones work in both game modes. Also, a way of checking if a command is actually used in the game (ie, recognition of obsolete console commands, like the weather. class of commands, and wPart.)
- Support for BF1942 v1.6 to v1.612, and the ability to know which commands are valid in each game version

If anyone wants to get their hands dirty and try their luck, it would be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you have any more questions, either here or via PM, and we will go from there.
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