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Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:02 am
by pon
Howdy Y'all,

Been playing BF1942 as early as 2008 and haven't really quit since then. I've always been really amazed by the creativity put out by all the modders in the community and in my early days I wanted to make maps as well. I recall as a kid having paper drawings of map layouts for like a Normandy-based map and something that resembles BoB but with B-17 bombers going for the German Ruhr-area. Sadly those never came to fruition, I never really managed to get a grip of Battlecraft or let alone understand stuff like RFA editing.

Back in the day when there was still a big 1.6 community I was part of the ¥FOXES¥ clan, which was the biggest of the modded 1.6 communities, with 4 servers and around 60 active members. Ran all sorts of mods, from Vanilla with expansions to DC, EOD, FH and even had a BF Vietnam and BF2 server. Sadly as more people started to move to newer games interest in 1942 started to decline. Around January this year a few buddies and me started talking about reviving the crew and renting a server. Since our inhouse modder had moved on to different things in life I started to take interest in server-side modding as to give the server an unique feeling. Even though I am still novice in regards of RFA editing, I find it really interesting to work around the game's engine limitations and tweak around with map settings. For those interested in the server, here's some more info:


This community has so far really been helpful in making the way the game works understandable. And I am also glad to see that the 1942 community is still thriving even after 10 years of playercount decline.

PS.: we'd love to chat and collaborate with other 1942 communities. You can find us over at our Discord server and shoot us a message!

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Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:27 pm
by Diamondback
Hello, welcome to the forums!

You will find that this website has a lot of resources to start server-side modding. You can also find plenty of information on client-side modding and other cool stuff.

Cya around,


Re: Greetings

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:33 pm
by Crash42modder