BFMODS rules

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BFMODS rules

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Re: BFMODS rules

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Sometimes I'd like to have something like the following to refer to. Very often people simply post "by guess and by gosh" which fills up the forums with many unnecessary threads and discussions. Maybe we can include this here? It's only a first version and might need an overwork, at least for the language.

Rules for asking questions:

1. Search the board first! Also take a look at backup found here. Many things have been talked before, so most of all questions can be answered by simply searching a little bit.

2. Describe your problem or question as detailed as possible. Not only give as much information as possible to the factual issue, the environment and the background, but also do this in a linguistically exact way. The more accurate your description, the more directly you'll come to a solution.

3. Describe what you have already tried and what the results were. The more effort you applied apparently, the more people will be willing to help you. This board is to find help and hints and not people to do the work for you.

4. Describe your modding level and knowledge a little bit, to let others know where to start when doing proposals or troubleshooting.
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