BF2 shadows horrible problem

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BF2 shadows horrible problem

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Thanks to client ye can actually make an account ingame ! It's their own account server

So all of a sudden my shadows are flickering holes everywhere. I even went to the xpack on a night map and saw my gear whited out most the time !!

I also noticed in console the text went all scribbly and messy .. maybe I should disable the 2x filtering or somethin ..?

From what I remember some time back I kept attempting to disable shadows yet the problem remains :oops:
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Re: BF2 shadows horrible problem

Post by reegad »

Whats your video settings? tried setting them to medium if they are at high?

try disabling Antialiasing

in your graphics-controll panel make sure there are no settings to override the applications nvidia control panel or catalyst control center, 3d settings i believe its called.
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