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by pon
Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:02 am
Forum: New here?
Topic: Greetings
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Howdy Y'all, Been playing BF1942 as early as 2008 and haven't really quit since then. I've always been really amazed by the creativity put out by all the modders in the community and in my early days I wanted to make maps as well. I recall as a kid having paper drawings of map layouts for like a Nor...
by pon
Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:41 pm
Forum: 1942 Modding Discussion
Topic: [SSM] Change/swap carrier vehicles
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[SSM] Change/swap carrier vehicles

Howdy, I am looking for a way to change what is being spawned on carriers but on a map-per-map basis. I figured how to change the objectspawners for the Enterprise and Shokaku carriers in objects.rfa, and managed to swap the landing craft with the torpedo boats and change the fighter planes with tor...