CreateAIPlayer Property

   Game.CreateAIPlayer string string string name

Argument values:

argument 1:    v_arg2, v_arg3, v_arg4, v_name; most commonly v_name
argument 2:    v_arg1, v_arg2, v_arg3, v_side; most commonly v_side
argument 3:    [optional] Assault, v_arg1, v_arg2, v_kit; most commonly v_kit
argument 4:    [optional] v_arg1, v_position; most commonly v_position

This property is not a part of any defined type of object.

Used in a total of 10 .con files: Addbot.con, Plane.con, Soldier.con, Soldier2.con, Spawnbot.con, Spawnsoldier.con, Spawntank.con, Spawntankpos.con, Tank.con, Vehicle.con

Parent directory of these .con files: ai

Example: (from ai/soldier2.con)
   rem --> Args: Kit, Position, Side, Name <--
   Var v_kit
   Var v_position
   Var v_side
   Var v_name
   echo v_arg1 -> v_kit
   echo v_arg2 -> v_position
   echo v_arg3 -> v_side
   echo v_arg4 -> v_name
   rem *** Create Bot and attach to ***
   Game.CreateAIPlayer v_name v_side v_kit v_position

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