New crash exploit part IV (17.04.2016)

New crash exploit part IV (17.04.2016)

Postby Grabbi » Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:07 pm

Hi everyone,

since easter 2016 we face a new troll using an exploit crashing servers.

Each time on maps with SDKFZ222 or subs the troll joins server,
prepares console for crash command [xxx.con]
and starts playing till he gets "kicked/banned" or even liberately executes the command.

Result: Server has encountered a problem and must be ended [Popup Msg in Windows Server over remote desktop, so there s NO "couldn t connect to server console" etc. message]

He changes IP over Socks5 Proxy each time he joins.
He changes KEYHASH each time he joins.

This is going on now for over a month.

Therefore we prepared wireshark and logged gameport 14567 upd

Server Settings: Windows Server 2012 / latest BF1942 Server.exe from Tuia [1.612 /128 slots]

Yesterday we could record the troll crashing the server and we hope this Wireshark logs can help to create a server fix to prevent trolls from crashing the remaining battlefiled servers for fun.

KarolPopiolek 2d115a5e168a98c87bfc18963470abb4 [unknown]

IP is server in the Netherlands:

Wireshark Recording Troll crashing server:

rar file contains:

Wireshark protocoll [complete server communication], so you might need latest

Troll informations:
KarolPopiolek 2d115a5e168a98c87bfc18963470abb4 [unknown]

and Wireshark Filter Protocoll [troll -server communication]

Hope you can help us to find a server fix, because ppl stop playing over time when this continues.

Best regards


PS: Only solution we have atm is to set Server under Password, and just give it to those we know well for years.
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Re: New crash exploit part IV (17.04.2016)

Postby arivi » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:39 am

Is there any new solution for this exploit? księgowa Jelenia Góra
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Re: New crash exploit part IV (17.04.2016)

Postby russ » Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:14 am

There aren't any weird packets coming from that client, are you sure it isn't a crash caused by something on the query port?
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Re: New crash exploit part IV (17.04.2016)

Postby Grabbi » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:35 pm

russ wrote:I've been maintaining a set of Linux dedicated server fixes for a while, but I'm opening it up to a wider audience

This includes a number of patches that have been floating around as well as a number of new fixes. The important gameplay changes are:

* Weapon deviation is set to max when selecting a weapon: Weapon deviation does not change for weapons that are not selected. Some players take advantage of this by keeping their weapon stowed while moving and then selecting it right before firing.

* Player names are sanitized: No more player names with special characters, leading/trailing spaces, or names shorter than 3 letters.

* Assault maps now award victory to the defending team if they survive until end of round (Wake, Omaha, etc). This is what was originally intended, but due to a typo never took effect.

* Death bubble now gives damage to players rather than their vehicle. This prevents the death bubble zombie wreckage problem.

Code: Select all
# Team S.W.A.T Release
# Battlefield 1942 v1.61 Linux server patched
# Modified to include:
# - Support for up to 128 players
# - replacement for gamespy master
# - Ignore client version and checksum (allow 1.61b and 1.612)
# - Ignore CD key checks
# - No longer sends player keyhashes to public queries
# - Allows all console commands on remote and local console
# - Fixes segfault in dice::bf::GameServer::radioMessage
# - Fixes sefgault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdate
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::ObjectManager::checkMessages
# - Fixes IP bans not taking effect
# - Set weapon deviation to max when putting weapon away
# - Fixup player names (nonprintables, too short, etc)
# - Fix assaultTeam typo. Defending team now wins if timer expires
# - Fix armor zombies generated by death bubble
# - Fix segfault due to death bubble fix
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::FireArms::Fire
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdateDelta
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::BFSoldier::handleUpdate
# Addresses the following vulnerabilities:
# - BFE-200806.01
# - BFE-201107.01
# - BFE-201111.01
# - BFE-201211.01
# - BFE-201611.01
# - BFE-201611.02
# - BFE-201710.01
# - BFE-201804.01
aa11b4f01501cc1a9f21d58dabe2277b  bf1942_lnxded.static
7a1983a4fffe6b387ed42a50197a1538  bf1942_lnxded.dynamic ... Eay0k3TX65

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