Adjustable ingame menu resolution

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Adjustable ingame menu resolution

Postby freddy » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:14 pm

There have been cases over the years when the game wont start because some videocards doesnt support the resolution of 800x600. It seems often to be a case of laptops with inbuilt Intel graphics that suffers from this.

The problem is that the startscreen menu is hard-coded for 800x600 and so this gives the fault message "invalid videomode specified" and the game shuts down with no further notice.

In an effort to try and solve this problem ivé made some changes in the BF1942.exe (courtesy to tuia for help) so that the menu resolution now adjust and uses the same resolution that the game is set to. If you change resolution ingame its not immediate, but it needs a restart for changes to take place.

This file can also be used by everyone that wants a bigger ingame-menu for what ever reason.

Download and extract the file, locate and replace the standard with the modified file. As always its good practice to make a backup of your original file.

Observe that if you dont have any game-startup problems, but just want the bigger menu, then you can skip this step with manual file editing.
Locate the Video.con file in your game, example "C:\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Settings\Profiles\your-profile-name and make the changes there (laptops often use 1366x768).

Search words for webcrawlers: bf42 invalid videomode specified
This is the modified BF1942.exe v1.61 zipped
(1.86 MiB) Downloaded 458 times
Put in your desired resolution, laptops often use 1366x768
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