How to remove a video that autoplays at the end of a round.

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How to remove a video that autoplays at the end of a round.

Postby JiangZhongzheng » Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:09 am

In Galactic Conquest, there's a video that appears at the end of every round, which changes based on who wins. If the Rebels win, the Death Star just explodes. If the Imperials win, the Death Star fires on and destroys a planet. This animation is very loud and annoying. It's possible to remove the video, but now a black screen will just appear, obscuring the top 3 player list. So I need to figure out where the script for this is so I can just have it be like vanilla 1942.
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Re: How to remove a video that autoplays at the end of a rou

Postby Apache Thunder » Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:56 am

I'm not familier with this mod, but it sounds like it loads a BIK file using a BIK node in the ingame menu meme file for the end round summery screen. Thus you'd have to remove it using MemeEditor and repack the menu.rfa. This is most likely not something you will know how to do. Not many people really know how to mess with the meme files. I being one of the few that got good at editing those files. Look at my Battlefield 242 Redux mod. The new loading screen and stuff was all my doing. Not to mention the near complete redesign of the ingame HUD for my Battlefield Heroes'42 mod. :P

I've retired from modding though, so I won't really be able to help remove this for you.

Instead the better/quick solution is to re-encode the videos with no sound. Perhaps that would work for you since the main reason you want to disable them is due to the sound. Unlike ingame sounds BIK audio level is only controlled by global system volume and not the ingame audio settings. Hence why it's always louder then everything else in the game.

PM me the BIK videos. I can re-encode them without sound for you. Replace the originals with the ones I will re-encode and you won't have to deal with the loud sound anymore.

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Re: How to remove a video that autoplays at the end of a rou

Postby Kurosaji » Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:44 pm

I edited mine so they aren't as loud, only solution I ever knew. I can give you mine, Jiang. I've always been surprised how far you push the engine in your mods, Apache.
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