forgotten hope team's 255-player executable issue

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forgotten hope team's 255-player executable issue

Postby IvyMercyLyons » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:37 pm

hey, guys; probably should have made an account back in 2014 when i first started playing 1942...

with that aside, i somewhat recently (1-4 months ago?) got the 255-ai modification to work in any mod, to which i applied the instructions in the moddb article i used as a guide; it worked perfectly, and it made a lot of mods more enjoyable, but eventually, the new executable would open and immediately close; at first i thought it was refusing to open, but i eventually watched the task manager during the process, and it seems to pop up very briefly before winking out; this may have been after a multiplayer game (which would have been the first multiplayer game since i had finally gotten the player count modification to work.)

the oddity is that, the game itself is intact, and using my back-up executable works perfectly; the back-up executable in the article does not, saying something about the game cd.

if it helps, i'm not using a technically legitimate copy (i was forced to torrent the game; it was after it was made free, but also after ea completely withheld distribution of copies.)

would anyone know a solution to this? it's not of the utmost importance, certainly, but it makes many mods far more playable with ai (they have that tendency to sort of clump up around bases with 64 players.)
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