Next Generation Fraggers 3v3 CTF Infantry Open Cup

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Next Generation Fraggers 3v3 CTF Infantry Open Cup

Postby Classical Modder » Fri May 02, 2014 4:15 am

Hi folks!

I have the pleasure to present you this awesome event that is hosted by the =NGF= Next Generation Fraggers League!
Next Generation Fraggers is a North American E-Sports competitive gaming league which was founded in March of 2014.

We offer REAL rewards to cup and regular season winners. By real rewards we mean free server and web hosting for a year, as well as cash prizes! Yes you heard right, cash prizes!

At Next Generation Fraggers, contestants can choose to compete in three different ladders. These are the 5v5 Infantry ladder, the 2v2 Tanks ladder and the 1v1 dogfight ladder. Once we get enough teams to sign up to all those ladders, we will incorporate them into one 8v8 regular Conquest match season.

For now however, our admin team has decided to get this league going by hosting an introductory cup, with CASH PRIZES!

The cup will take the form of a 3v3 CTF Infantry Only knockout tournament. The chosen map for the cup is an infantry only version of Berlin. Up to 8 teams of 3 players max can participate.

We will start at the Round of 8 and work our way to the final!

The league server will be provided by =NGF=, as well as the cash prizes. First place winners get 60$, second place winners 40$ and third place winners 20$...

The sign-up process is easy. Simply pick two teammates you would like to play with, find a leader amongst your group, fill in the registration form for the cup and you're good to go! Once all 8 teams of 3 will have registered, league admins will send match dates and other critical information to all the contestants. Please note that all team leaders MUST have Xfire to register their teams, as we will use this application to communicate critical information between contestants!

Match days will be Sundays, and more information on the match dates will be sent to leaders of all registered teams once the registration period is over.

Here is the form all team leaders must fill-in:

1) Your nickname
2) The name of your team, with the tags
3) Members of your team
4) Your Xfire (mandatory)
5) Do you use TS/Mumble/Ventrilo?
6) Do you have a server?

Please note that as this is a North American league, priority is given to North American teams, due to obvious ping limitations. However, in the unlikely occurrence that not enough American teams have registered for the cup, we will open up for European teams or teams from other continents.

If you want to participate in this event, simply register on this topic, or send me us a message on Xfire! We will tell you where to go from there.

[color="#FF0000"]League admins[/color]
col. HT / Xfire = rustynipples
Black Mamba / Xfire = wickedarsonist

Also make sure to read the league rules upon joining, which can be found [url=""]here[/url].

All matches will be done in each team's respective server. If one or both team does not have a server to play their matches, =NGF= will gladly provide a neutral and passworded server to do so. Simply answer the "Do you have a server?" question in the application form!

Happy fragging!

For any questions or inquiries regarding this event or the =NGF= League, please contact me via e-mail or Xfire!

Black Mamba, =NGF= Admin.
E-mail =
Xfire = wickedarsonist
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