A couple of site changes..

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A couple of site changes..

Postby fo0k » Mon Dec 28, 2009 2:24 pm

i will be adding banner ad's, popups and an ad block prevention system to the site.


seriously.. I have changed the Mod Downloads / Completed setup...

We now have a pure mod download section and then a forum for each mod.. DC, zombies, RCC etc. Within these individual forums links to the mod, maps or general discussion can take place.

I have moved the snow mod and the carriers mod to the Tutorials section as they both contain info to recreate the results yourself. What could be confusing for people is the difference between a 'mod' like desert combat and a 'mod' like adding snow to your map.. so I want the 'Mod Downloads' section to be where you get game conversions etc. I will be uploading full installs for download in these sections too.

This is a general quest of mine to provide as much as possible but in a streamlined way.. I hate forums that fall off the bottom of the page with subsections etc. really appreciate your thoughts in general about how to present all the content.
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