How to "fool" bots to exit a vehicle when pressing "E"

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Re: How to "fool" bots to exit a vehicle when pressing "E"

Postby fo0k » Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:44 am

Im sure I tried something like this when first getting the game.. and then maybe tried again later and it did not work, so I probably assumed it did not work. this kind of info is always good to see.. will always be some old bf42 brains also unaware. :D

good finds.. I also just found out yesterday that renderer.lockfps value will allow the usual max of 100 to be lifted to anything you want. (although also discovered that fraps is limited to 120fps) This is irrelevant for playing the game at these speeds but when the footage is slowed to a healthy 30fps afterwards.. you get some awesome slow motion action :)
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Re: How to "fool" bots to exit a vehicle when pressing "E"

Postby Vilespring » Thu May 02, 2013 3:27 am

This was my solution by myself;
Game.spawnObject M10
Now I don't have to, thanks. for me, they refuse to get out if there is a target in the area they are attacking with maxinum missing.
and... I see no relation between "stop filling me with holes", and "get out of your vehicle." very odd, probably a missdone code.
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