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Postby Apache Thunder » Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:02 pm

Yes I believe that is the setting that tells what bone to put the kit part on. For example you make a new skeleton bone in the SOldier skeleton and name it StationaryBone. Here is what would be needed to attach a kit to that new bone:

Code: Select all
ObjectTemplate.create KitPart SoldierSniperBackpack
ObjectTemplate.setTeamGeometry 1 Radio
ObjectTemplate.setTeamGeometry 2 US_Assault_Backpack
ObjectTemplate.setBoneName StationaryBone
ObjectTemplate.setCopyLinksCount 0
ObjectTemplate.hasDynamicShadow 1

I believe that bones in BF42 are case sensitive, so be sure you match the name of the new bone exactly. ;)

That code also shows how to make team specific kit geometries. ;)

Also note that you can give kit parts dynamic shadows! Turn on shadows for the kitpart AND the kit it will be a part of! The kit geometry in question must had a shadow mesh for it work obviously. ;)

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