Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon Battlecraft 1942 .lst file

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Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon Battlecraft 1942 .lst file

Postby Skull Kid » Fri Nov 06, 2020 9:23 pm

So, after much trial and error. I have put together a fhsw.lst file for Battlecraft 1942. Please be aware that this .lst file contains vehicles only so far. Approximately 300 entries in the .lst file means that there are no buildings, props, vegetation or anything like that that will show up once a map is loaded or created. But placing vehicles is of course possible.

Of course as there are surely hundreds of kits for Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon, I'll leave that out. That task would surely not be an easy one, but if wanted, I can surely generate one fhsw.cfg file specifically with all kits as well. I just need more time for that.

Also please note that I've only made one category for every vehicle called "[FHSW_VEHICLES]". All air, land and sea vehicles are under that.

Lastly, have fun and happy mapping! :D
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