[OTHER] Need Help Remembering Hp To Replace DC Vehicles w RFA

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Need Help Remembering Hp To Replace DC Vehicles w RFA

Postby Deathrow Bo Dean » Thu Aug 20, 2020 10:05 pm

Hello All. I'd like get some help remembering just how to change the Helicopters in Desert Combat from medical copters to the AH64(Apache Longbow). I use to be able to do that very easely in the early 2000's with Win RFA. by just making an edit on the levels object spawn's template for the gamestype that I wanted to edit. But I'm missing a step of something. Here is what I'm doing. But i'm missing a step or something.

! I made a backup copy of my BF1942 Game folder in order to keep my original pure. (I do have custom mods like DCX, DC, DC Extended abd GC in this original )
2.I made a new folder named Workshop on my desktop.
3.Uueing RFA I navigated into the BF1942 mods folder to the DC mods level folder named Tobruk.
useing RFA I selected the Single player objexts Spawns template and opened it.
4. I extracted that .rfa file to my workshop folder and made the edit.
On the Allies base ther is only one helicopter. It is a medical copter. I just wish to change it to the AH64.

Here is where I'm getting lost or missing something:
after making my edit I think that I should save the edit and pack the .rfa
5. When I choose Pack A Directory option asks me for the Source Directory and the Base Path inorder to pack the .rfa I don't know what to put in these two boxes.

Can someone please help me.

P.s. If there is a simpler way to do this operation, please tell me. Or point me to a link.
Thank's DBD
Deathrow Bo Dean
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