[SSM] Server CPU utilization on SSM-modded map

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Server CPU utilization on SSM-modded map

Postby Trench » Fri May 22, 2020 6:33 am

Has anyone made an SSM modification that they realized caused a growing CPU utilization "leak" whenever that map was being run by the server?

Google for "site:bfmods.com cpu" didn't appear to reveal any discussions here or in the SSM archive where the CPU utilization was in reference to a map modification, so hopefully I didn't miss a well-known issue.

They're not my modifications, so I'm not at liberty yet to show or say what was changed. I just wanted to check whether "the CPU utilization grows and grows until the map ends" was something anyone encountered before, in case there was a particular type of change or construct to avoid.

I can say it's an SSM of a stock DC_Final map. Running the map starts out with the BF1942 dedicated server console display showing ~5% as normal, but it just grows and grows to where at the end of 40 minutes it can be showing +150%. That's the game server console's "utilization" measurement; the OS measurement for the specific CPU core the server process is running on only shows 50% by that point. Which is still very high compared to the < 10% it normally is on any other map.

No other maps besides this one show this behavior, so I'm sure I'll narrow it down to one of the SSM changes eventually. Just wondering if that symptom was recognized by anyone who might have chased it earlier.

Thanks. -Trench
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Re: Server CPU utilization on SSM-modded map

Postby freddy » Fri May 22, 2020 6:59 pm

Not that it helps you much, but i have never seen anything like you describe. If you can isolate the code causing it we might be able to help tho.
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