Noob needs help (packing problem)

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Noob needs help (packing problem)

Postby nyamanakade » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:00 pm

Hi to bf1942 modders!
I need help. I was working with ed42 creating my map, everything was working nicely, no errors etc. Then for some reason my map from ed42 stopped opening (the game wasn't starting). I moved to bc42, here everything still works fine, but its so hard to interact with objects, so I want to go back to ed42 and solve the error.
What I tried was: I took vanilla map which was ok, unpacked with BGA and packed again, not changing anything. after that the game didn't open. so after this I thought it's some problem with packing because the map is absolutely the same as before
So what might be the problem and how to solve it? I tried packing/unpacking with winrfa, deleting all stuff and pack/unpack with clear game, didn't help :( I really want to work with ed42 and/or edit those mapfiles manually, but for now it's impossible :(
(by the way, while I try to open unpacked and packed vanilla map with bc42, it says 'missing key files to successfully download'. maybe this helps)
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Re: Noob needs help (packing problem)

Postby Skull Kid » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:02 pm

Hi there!

Did you check this box? It's vital that the base path is set to as such.

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