CSM- AC130 40mm issue

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CSM- AC130 40mm issue

Postby tekk » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:19 pm

On the mod that im working on I have the destructable towers from DCX imported, now on those towers I addTemplate'd the AC-130_Gunner3 (40mm cannon). Now everything was going great untill I noticed that when the cannon is occupied there is another position in the vehicle icon.....There should only be 1 position so when I switch to whatever the other position is I get a server crash.

Now what im failing at doing is removing the other position as when im looking thru the code I do not see where it has another position attached.

This is my current code:
Code: Select all
rem -----------------------------------------
rem ---  Destructable Tower AC-130 40mm Code  -
rem -----------------------------------------

ObjectTemplate.Active GuardTowerDestructable_Complex
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AC-130_Gunner3
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/12.3/-1.5
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 180/0/0

ObjectTemplate.Active AC-130_40mm_Console
ObjectTemplate.setMinRotation -90/0/0
ObjectTemplate.setMaxRotation 90/0/0

ObjectTemplate.Active AC-130_Gunner3
ObjectTemplate.setSoldierExitLocation 0/0.5/-3 0/0/0
ObjectTemplate.setVehicleIcon "Weapon/icon_CoaHeavyAssault.dds"

ObjectTemplate.Active AC-130_40mm_Barrel
ObjectTemplate.magSize 30
ObjectTemplate.numOfMag -1

Now I look at the code for the AC-130_Gunner3 weapon:
Code: Select all
rem *** AC-130_Gunner3 ***
ObjectTemplate.create PlayerControlObject AC-130_Gunner3
ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo AC-130BodyInfo
ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate AC-130_Gunner3
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AC-130_Gunner_Entry
ObjectTemplate.setPosition .625/0/0
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AC-130_GunnerSeat
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/-0.1/-1.5
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/-15/0
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AC-130_40mm_Console
ObjectTemplate.setPosition 0/0/.125
ObjectTemplate.setRotation 0/0/0
rem *** Tan added ***
ObjectTemplate.vehicleFov 0.6
rem -------------------------------------
ObjectTemplate.setSoldierExitLocation -2.5/.625/0 0/0/0
ObjectTemplate.GUIIndex 53
ObjectTemplate.setVehicleIcon "Vehicle/Icon_AC-130.tga"
ObjectTemplate.setVehicleIconPos 71/47
ObjectTemplate.setNumberOfWeaponIcons 1
ObjectTemplate.setPrimaryAmmoIcon "Ammo/Icon_cannon.tga"
ObjectTemplate.setPrimaryAmmoBar ABAmmoBarReloadBar
ObjectTemplate.setCrossHairType CHTCrossHair
ObjectTemplate.setVehicleCategory VCLand
ObjectTemplate.setVehicleType  VTTank
ObjectTemplate.setToolTipType  VTTank
ObjectTemplate.hasRestrictedExit 0

Nothing in there shows that its calling another position including the code for the AC-130_40mm_Console.

Hmmm......I just got smacked in the side of the skull by a thought while writing this....Is it possible the destructable tower itself is a pco in order for it to be destroyable so by adding another weapon to it creates 2 positions, 1 position for the gun and another for the tower that has no seat or entry thus causing the server crash? Possible to overcome this by adding the ac130 gunner seat/entry to the tower in the same position as the cannon seat/entry rather than adding the weapon individually to each tower (14 in total) ? Hmmm, Im gonna check that out
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