Mags and other gun parts won't move in an animation

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Mags and other gun parts won't move in an animation

Postby Ruuga » Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:54 pm

So I've recently learned how to edit existing animations and how to make new ones. Well I've made a new animation but the problem is that the gun parts wont move on any of the weapons created by me. Not even those which use an old BF42-animation. Only hands and the weapon base model itself moves (and the parts with it).

The problem is that the magazine and the bolt won't move in the reloading animation. I know that the animation of the gun parts are located located here: "animations\Weapons\YOUR_WEAPON\" and I've exported the moving parts there correctly. (Or I think so)

So what am I doing wrong? I've tried to solve this for two days and it really starts to irritate me.

Edit. Oh and it seems that it only shows the first frame of the animation regarding the moving gun parts. After that the parts freeze..
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