BFV multicolor buddies -> BF1942

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BFV multicolor buddies -> BF1942

Postby TomPL » Thu May 21, 2015 9:56 pm

Hi guys!

I'm sure you often use buddy-list in BF1942 (or FH etc). You clicking "tab" and choosing buddy, then clicking on "add buddy" and voila!
Now text messages and kill messages from buddies are color coded green, yea? Okay... but wait, what about, when there are MORE buddies than 1???
All buddies have NEON GREEN arrows, vehicles marks etc. There isn't any problems with 1-3 people.... But when we playing in 6 - 9 members squad?

In Battlefield Vietnam (from patch 1.2) you can change colors in buddylist.con just by writing RGB code.
Like: game.addPlayerToBuddyListByName "[PFT] TOM PL" 255 255 0
After that 3D nickname, chat messages and kill messages and Minimap signs are YELLOW

I found also special program for Battlefield Vietnam, called: COLOR BUDDY
LINK: ... oler-buddy

I started on my own with this problem, I found scripts in BFVietnam.exe
There are only 2 DIFFERENT lines for buddylist compared to BF1942.exe!

First: One new line in BFVietnam 1.2: (SOURCE: )
You don't have this line in BF42... but I dont have knowledge to convert it from vietnam and add.

Second: (SOURCE )
game.addPlayerToBuddyListByName "%s"
game.addPlayerToBuddyListByName "%s" %5.1f %5.1f %5.1f

If I add %5.1f %5.1f %5.1f (RGB code) this into BF1942, then I have RGB code in buddylist after nickname! But no changes in color after editing...

There is my REQUEST for coders or anyone who can do anything with this problem.
Can someone code more colors for buddy-list than NEON GREEN?

I think this is MUST-HAVE add-on for our Battlefield 1942 :cry:
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Re: BFV multicolor buddies -> BF1942

Postby buschhans » Mon May 25, 2015 11:24 am

Actually works this cool feature also for BF 1942 too?
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Re: BFV multicolor buddies -> BF1942

Postby Classical Modder » Mon May 25, 2015 7:24 pm

No he's trying to make it work in BF1942. It doesn't work yet.
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Re: BFV multicolor buddies -> BF1942

Postby TomPL » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:47 pm

Ehhh I figured out that they added buddy option in BF1942 in patch 1.3.
and in BF:Vietnam in patch 1.2 multicolor buddies.

I need any help. Execute file isn't enough :oops:
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