BF 1942 Origin: Forgotten Hope 0.7 search you!

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BF 1942 Origin: Forgotten Hope 0.7 search you!

Postby buschhans » Tue Sep 30, 2014 3:14 pm

Dear Guys,
There is a way to play BF 1942 again.
Do you can use BF 42 Origin to play BF 1942 Mods.
FH and FHSW works back again fine.
You can play each evening at the week!

Server Name: FH/RANKED
Server IP:

These are the steps to connect:

You have got BF 1942 Origin as "utorrent" (Copy and past the text into a new window):

Download FH Origin: ... e-for-fhsw

Then you have to install the Patch:

Tutorial to install the patch: ... opic&t=153

If there are mappack days on the Pixel Fighter Server, you can download the requesting Maps here:

After then it runs like the good old times!
If do you like the BF 1942 Mods or search a Download please visit:
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