Regarding Modding Permissions

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Regarding Modding Permissions

Postby professor_smith » Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:52 am

I have been creating a Bf1942 mini-mod called HTroop for the past 11 years. I know that may sound comical, being as old a mod as it is, but I have been the only one developing it, and it has been a long road mixing the best of the best from various mods I have used material from. I have contacted and received permission from the creators of Forgotten Hope & Eve of Destruction to release the mini-mod onto the net, but I am having trouble finding the contact information for creators of the other mods. Can someone tell me the contact email(s) for the other mods please?

Thank You,

Professor Smith

P.S.-Below is a list of the various mods that have helped to make HTroop the great mini-mod it is:

Forgotten Hope - FH (Already Contacted)

Eve of Destruction - EOD (Already Contacted)

ParallelWorld (Need help contacting the Creator/s)

Pirates (Need help contacting the Creator/s)

silentheroes (Need help contacting the Creator/s)

The Great War - tgw (Need help contacting the Creator/s)
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