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Re: Add Vehicles to BF1942 map from another mod / BOB like m

Postby YeOldOne404 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:15 pm

Does this tutorial (tutorialc25d.php?page=carrier_spawns.html) work for bf1942 or is it only for DC? I'm making a client side map.

Well I tried adding the B25 to my test map. I have it loaded in BC42. In this map I have three planes added: B25, B17, Mustang.
They all show up in BC42. But the B25 doesn't show when I test the map.

Where am I going wrong? I added the B17 & mustang hoping to compare the files. IDK, where to go from here.
I know I can do this, but I'm not that great at it. lol

But I did manage to follow this tutorial. (http://www.tfcmaster.net/tutorials/Batt ... /index.htm) I placed that tower in my test map.
So I thought I could use that as a guide to add the B25. But I keep getting stuck.

The map loads without any other errors.

Meanwhile on another maps I was working with I have some other issues. When I tried to load a bf1942 map to copy/edit, there were no textures. It displayed all white in BC42.
I also tried editing the soldiers kits. How do I get them to change correctly?

Maybe these are simple fixes? :)
soldier kit error
BC42 map load error
This is how my test map looks now.
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