[SOLVED] .wav file requirements?

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Re: .wav file requirements?

Postby GoodDayToDie!! » Wed May 15, 2013 4:20 am

btw..THANK YOU Swaffy!!
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Re: .wav file requirements?

Postby BotHunter » Wed May 15, 2013 3:51 pm

Sarge31FR wrote:I don't know exactly what your problem is with the files, but maybe this helps:

I use "GoldWave" as sound editor, and wave files have to be saved in this format:

Wave PCM signed 16 bit, 44100Hz, stereo (or mono).

The sampling rate depends on the folder they are going in.

Wow! That worked perfectly!! Thanks! :)
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Re: .wav file requirements?

Postby Swaffy » Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:56 am

I would like to bump this thread to ask about some sound glitches which I haven't been able to fix since I began modding.

I use GoldWave to create my WAV files and I use the setting PCM signed 16 bit (stereo/mono) at 44100 Hz. The game debugger is giving me errors such as:

Error: non PCM format.
has different sample rate (48000Hz) than the primary buffer (44100Hz)

Which seems odd since I am using PCM and also 44100 Hz... I even ran some WAV files through an old Audacity program and saved them into my Sound.rfa just to see if that fixes it, same issue. Is there another WAV format I can save in? Or perhaps I can use another program that sets up the metadata correctly?

[edit] The sounds work ingame but I get loud "pops" after an audio file is played. For example, a gun shoots and the sound pops at the end of the sound. I hear this mostly with non-looping sounds.
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