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BC 42 Mod Maps

Postby GCC » Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:09 pm


Just recently got BF1942 again and downloaded some mods. I am curious as to how to make singleplayer maps for mods such as BG42, FH, FHSW etc. I have Battlecraft 42 as ED42 crashes on me.

How would I be able to load the mod to the BC along with its assets so I can place objects from that mod for a map, such as a King Tiger tank and so on? Also how can I load the different kits from the mod for my map, such as make a map where the Germans have the Assault/Rifleman Kit from FH who is armed with a G-43 rifle? I know in the mods I listed that they have different kits for each class for different time-periods. Such as the kit for a US Rifleman is different on Wake Island then say Bocage.

Thanks and sorry if it sounds confusing and convoluted.

I have BC42, the BF MDT program, along with the last version of Botinator. (BFSPC does not work for me either)
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