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Postby Apache Thunder » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:29 am

tuia wrote:It is doable to modify BF1942 debug executable as you say, however it's not needed because you can join with it to servers that accept all client versions. You have to connect directly with "+joinServer" argument.

Ok I had just tried what you suggested. I forced the debugger to join a dedicated server I set up on a virtual machine. It's the one with your 128 player mod and keyhash checks.

Unfortunately the debugger was able to stay connected long enough for me to hear ingame sound effects, but before I could even get the chance to see the welcome screen, the debugger disconnects with the generic "Disconnected from Server" error message. (in menu error, not an error that occurs in an external dialog box like debug errors in mods)

No idea why. My reckoning is that it doesn't like the version of the server that's running. I'm thinking the internal verison of the debugger is 1.6 and not 1.61b or the version Origin is running. So it might be too outdated. I don't recall them updating the debugger when they released the last retail patch to the game.

So....I would like to ask if you would be able to see about allowing the debugger to host internet servers. I can already force the debugger to join a server via that joinServer command you mentioned. but the debugger still refuses to host one if the internet setting is turned on. It's not important whether or not you can get it to work in the GUI. It would be much easier to simply disable the check the debugger does when one attempts to start it with the hostServer command. ;)

There are many instances when a server side crashes, but one never knows why it happens. The retail dedicated server and the retail game doesn't keep detailed logs. Only the debugger does this. It would make debugging network problems I've had with older mods like BF242 much easier. There are other mods I've come across that have some mysterious server side crashes that I would like to find the culprits for.

The debugger would certainly be the best way to find out. Which is my primary motivation for asking you about this. ;)

Also, there are server side crashes that can occur in internet mode and not in LAN mode, thus why debugging LAN mode mulitplayer isn't always the best route to solving true network problems. ;)

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Re: Coding challenge for tuia

Postby Classical Modder » Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:57 am

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