problem with 255-player executable

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problem with 255-player executable

Postby IvyMercyLyons » Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:10 am

i once tried the solution for games with 255 bots; it actually worked perfectly, until i tried an internet game a while later; after that, i could no longer launch the modified executable, (or, rather, it would close within 0.05-0.2 seconds of being opened,) and was forced to use the original, backed-up launcher. the modified executable has never since worked, and, oddly enough, their provided backup will not, either.

would anyone be able to share in the solution or maybe diagnose the problem? my copy was torrented (it was after the game went free, but also after ea completely shut down distribution,) if that is relevant...

if it's not egregious of me, i've got a few more bugs i see frequently, both in 1942:
a press of the w key often causes the game not to realize when ive let go of it; i'll be running forward three minutes after i let go
i've also not been able to connect to a lan game since 2014... this confuses me greatly (all games would have been with my younger brother, who is also unable to connect to my own lan games, and whose game copy is derived from the torrent i used)
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Re: problem with 255-player executable

Postby Vilespring » Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:57 am

I dunno man, the more the current operating systems are updated, the less BF 1942 wants to run. I had best results on Windows XP Service Pack 3, simply because it's not supported anymore. Put it in a VM I guess....

Although I may not be playing it still (or anything at all really, no spare time) I do not want the game to vanish. The fans of Re-Volt keep that game alive, but I don't know if they have source code or not. If we got 1942's source code I would be a lot more interested and come if I had the spare time.
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